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Furniture, Appliances, Clothes, Junk.

SAM's Hauling and Junk Removal Services

Full Service Hauling

Our goal at Sam's is to provide the highest level of professionalism and customer service when removing your unwanted belongings. We also strive to recycle all materials that we remove from your property and to dispose of the rest in an environmental manner.

  Household Unwanted items Removal
  Appliance Removal
  Mattress Removal
  Furniture Removal
  Area-rugs Removal
  TV Removal
  Office Unwanted items Removal
  Computer Recycling
  Printer Recycling
  Monitor Recycling
  General Unwanted items Removal

Hauling and Junk Removal Pricing


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Truck load Volume Cost
1/4th Load 80 to 120 ft ³ $ 249
1/2th Load 180 to 240 ft ³ $ 375
Full Load 420 to 480 ft ³ $ 599

How we Price Our Services

Our pricing is based on three factors: Size, Materials, and Time. The type refers to volume rates, bed-load rates, and required surcharges. The size is amount of space your items take up in our truck; the volume will determine the price bracket. As for time, additional charges will apply if your job takes over an hour with two loaders (see Labor Charges below).

Free Hauling Estimate

One of our hauling and junk removal experts can provide an initial estimate via phone at 832-551-8018, or you can contact us through our online form here. However, upon arrival you will get a free guaranteed price from our trained hauling professional.

Volume Rates

Our truck is approximately 8 feet wide x 12 feet long x 5 feet high, equalling 18 cubic yards (480 cubic feet). Roll your mouse over the various rates to the side to estimate what percentage of the truck your itemjs will take up.

Volume items include, but are not limited to old furniture, unwanted appliances and general trash removal.

Bed-Loading Rates

Bed-load rates are for items such as dirt, tile, rock, concrete, brick, sod, compost and roofing shingles. Rates start at a minimum load of 1/2 a cubic yard.

Special Surcharge Items

Some items may require special recycling needs. These items are listed to the right and include refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning units, fluorescent lights, paint, tires (more than 4), and pianos if more than four are removed.

Labor Charges

The first hour is included in our price list. Extra will apply only if the job takes over one hour to complete with two of our haulers. For jobs that take over an hour, we charge an additional $30 per hour per employee we have on-site.


We provide discounts for veterans, military service members and seniors.

Special Surcharge Items

  Latex Paint Disposal:

$10 per Gallon
(In addition to normal volume rates)
Note: Surcharges do not apply to dried-out paint. Customers can dry out paint using kitty litter
(to a near-solid condition).

  Freezers and Refrigerators:

Freezers and Refrigerators
have dangerous freon, which acts to deplete the ozone. Removing this gas is expensive. These surcharge prices reflect our additional cost of disposal.
$35 per Fridge: , Freezer or AC Unit (In addition to normal volume rates)

  Old Tire Recycling and Tire Removal

Tires are recycleable, but have limitations at transfer stations.
$7.50 Tires without Rims
$10.00 Tires with Rims
(Prices apply to more than 4 tires)

  Flourescent Light Disposal

Flourescent Lights contain mercury and are classified as hazardous waste. They must be disposed of properly to prevent environmental or health damage.
$0.30 per ft. (Surcharge is per individual tube)

  Piano Removal

Pianos include a surcharge due to the heavy weight.
$50 per Piano (In addition to normal volume rates)

  Railroad Ties

Railroad Ties are commonly treated with creosote or other chemicals that can become toxic when burned or when disposed of improperly.

$30 per Tie

Note: Surcharges do not apply to dried-out paint. Customers can dry out paint using kitty litter (to a near-solid condition).